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+++ 9:59am - Perigaum Parsifal Automatik / P-0504-STW - End price: $5.11 - Savings: 97%
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On January 27,2009
India lagest Money back
India lagest Money back
On March 18,2008
Auctions are organized in categories
Auctions are organized in categories, like: computers, electronics. This list of auction categories shall be available as a dropdown navigation. Each of the navigation items shall open a listing of the auctions belonging to the defined category, sorted in ascending order of remaining time. The details of this listing should be configurable from one page
On March 18,2008
information, plus unrelated auction
Auction details shall be a page where there are product and auction information, plus unrelated auction listings. Auction information is similar to the aforementioned promotion boxes, except for that the product information is not truncated and there can be several pictures. The auction information can also contain information about extra expenses due to the winner, such as delivery cost. The page shall also contain bidding history – see below. The page shall also be based on a template.